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I've just finished putting together and uploading version 1.1 -- here are the changes from the last revision.

  • Fullscreen mode is an option in the preferences
  • You can now re-bind Pickup, which means you can use Spacebar for other stuff, if you want.
  • There exists an option to always loop music forever
  • Some conversations fixed
  • It should no longer die on ATI cards without ARB shader support, but instead fallback to normal mode (tested on FireGL 9000)
  • The annoying timing bug with superweapons has been rectified
  • Level 2 layout has been slightly changed
  • UI message box no longer "gets in the way"
  • Gibs slow down their spinning when farther away from the corpse
  • Readme now included
  • Monster AI slightly optimized for performance
  • Minor version number incremented

If this generally works out, it's off to the GD Showcase with it.

Download: [MacOSX][Windows]
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Sick in a good way, or sick in the "I can't believe what you just did to my grandmother" way?

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Sweet, but no save/load yet[crying]

BTW, I think its funny how sometimes 5 eyeballs will blow out of a corpse when shot, Shotgun FTW!

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Clearly the zombies ate a bunch of people, and the eyeballs were in their gut when they asploded. [rolleyes]

I probably won't end up implementing save-load; the game is very small and I'm not sure my save routine works 100%.

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First of all, congratulations Ravuya. I know you've toiled long and hard on this game, and I had a really fun time playing it. So here's my collection of constructive criticism. Just because I don't list a large amount of good stuff just means that I omitted most of the good stuff that's already obvious in the game. :P

  • Awesome game. You should pat yourself heartily on the back.
  • I got a huge kick out of the few explosions that occurred during the dialogue, and jittered everything around.
  • A smooth transition from dialogue line-to-line would add a lot. The way it suddenly jumps from character to character just kills a lot of immersion. (a smooth box-sliding of dialogues and visible text-typing-out-ness would be sweet)
  • The (brief) music clips were great; they added some nice atmosphere. If you had constant music throughout, though: wow.
  • I found it really hard to see enemy bullets a lot of the time. Maybe a damage-direction indicator would be helpful?
  • Would it be possible to have a delay after one dies, before respawn? Usually you're already pressing keys when you die, so you just seem to suddenly reappear at the last checkpoint -- checkpoints being really cool, BTW [smile] -- without any indication of your death.
  • Cool ending! :D
  • The last boss didn't stand out at all. I killed him and only realized after the following dialogue that I had killed him. [sad]
  • I didn't plant the Glow Squad Bombs anywhere, but the ending still went through. (and why are there 2 of them!?)
  • I still don't like the grayscale thing. Game looks way way better with shaders turned off.
  • A more noticable 'you gained a level' indicator would be very helpful. I often found myself seeing it rather late, and having 10+ stats to assign that were waiting. :P
  • No bugs. No problems. The game worked. Very important.
  • Tips system! Awesome addition. [smile]
  • The main issue I have with the gameplay is that most of the battles either involve you spamming bullets at some off-screen enemy and waiting for the textbox to confirm a kill, or running around corners super-fast to blast an enemy before their omni-sight catches you behind them. Adding the ability to zoom out (upwards/downwards) would be a huge boon, if possible.
  • The blood looks fantastic. [smile]
  • I wasn't in the credits. [sad]
  • The ammo system was really pointless, I found. You can use the Nano Clip things to boost your ammo for all guns to a ridiculous level (1000's), to which there becomes no point to having ammo values.
  • I was really disappointed at the lack of coolness (effect-wise) on the Interrupting Rifle. I think having multiple projectile apperances, and a particle effect or explosion or something on the IR would go a long way.
  • Darnit, I wanted map-physics performed on gore objects! [sad]

  • Add grenades/explosives in Glow 2. [smile]

    In summation: awesome work. [smile]

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    Okay, I finally had time to sit down with the game for a little while. Here's what I think [in a largely ineffective organizational fashion]:

    I really enjoyed some of the weapons, especially the bonesaw. Also, the range restrictions on some of the weapons, like the shotgun, were a good addition.

    The movement style is intuitive and works well with the fast action and dodging involved.

    I love the disappearing blood effect and the way the gibs slide around on the floor.

    The dialogue adds just enough depth to the game to give you more reasons to gib zombies, which is great.

    Needs more bonesaw.

    Honestly, the biggest area of potential improvement has to be the sound. I really think you need more sound effects (although I know what a pain it can be to obtain them). Just little things like ambient samples, menu beeps/clicks, moans and groans of zombie soldiers, etc. would really add to the game. A lot of these types of sounds are easy to generate, even for a programmer [lol].

    You almost have a great art style going. I think if you added just a few stand-out effects, such as vibrant bullet trails or explosions, your game would look multitudes better. The grayscale-with-red-blood look is cool, but you need just a few more splashes of color in there to balance it out.

    I think a second, scrolling texture of interference over the icons in the dialogue screen would be an easy but effective improvement to the look/feel of that screen. Oh, and allowing the user to move on to the next screen by left-clicking would be great.

    A save system would be cool, but for this game I think it is totally unnecessary to implement a save-anytime feature. Being able to save at the beginning of each level or at certain checkpoints would be fine.

    Because the inventory/character screen buttons are integrated directly, I often clicked on them by accident when trying to shoot enemies. I'm not sure what the best way to fix that would be. Maybe they should be activated by right-clicking on them, so that a stray left-click will not accidentally activate them.

    Okay, this one you may want to take with a grain of salt, but I think it would be the bee's knees if the sliding gibs smeared blood all over the place.

    Didn't notice any!

    I played your game long enough to be a late to work, and I blame my late-ness entirely on you.

    Really fun game. Just a few minor tweaks and additions and it will be even better.

    Congratulations on your accomplishments thus far!

    [EDIT] Ah, HopeDagger reminded me of a few things:

    I agree about the rifle being a little disappointing in terms of visual effects.
    I also thought the explosions during the dialog were very cool.
    Yes, grenades and explosives! That was probably the first thing that came to mind in terms of improvements.

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    Dammit, I wish I had thought of gibs leaving gory smears across the ground. That would look fuckawesome.

    I didn't plant the Glow Squad Bombs anywhere, but the ending still went through. (and why are there 2 of them!?)

    They'll be used automatically from your inventory when you reach the ending tile (if you're not carrying any, you'll get a message).

    There shouldn't be two of them... I wonder if perhaps my item registry is weird. I'll take a look.

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    Original post by Ravuya
    There shouldn't be two of them... I wonder if perhaps my item registry is weird. I'll take a look.

    Greenbaum dropped one, and there was another on the floor later on.

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    Yeah, there's an extra one in my item manifest (I added it during testing). I guess I'll re-upload a "fixed" v1.1 tonight -- doesn't seem proper to have two of such a rare and destructive plot-critical item lying around.

    I think the game's practically done after this.

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    Original post by Ravuya
    I think the game's practically done after this.

    Does this mean all of my suggestions were in vain? [sad]

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    Original post by HopeDagger
    Original post by Ravuya
    I think the game's practically done after this.

    Does this mean all of my suggestions were in vain? [sad]

    Aww, I think HopeDagger has a lot of good ideas...

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    And, no, your suggestions aren't in vain. I just wish I had more time. If more complaints come in, I'll probably go back and see if I can spend some time making super-polish and go to v1.2.

    I put your name in the credits in my SVN version, at least. [wink] So you'd better hope v1.2 comes out!

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    Damn it. Now I'm polishing it instead of doing my assignments.

    The conversation now has slidy-portraits. They work super awesome and make the game look all cool.

    You're also in the credits. In green.

    Death respawn time is now an option in the Options dialogue box. If you turn it on (on by default) you must wait one second before mashing the keys to respawn.

    Gib physics won't happen, I tried it already with smoke clouds and it's slow as hell. [crying]

    Zoom's not possible, my culling method forbids it and you start seeing weird-ass geometry flashing with a modified FoV anyway. At one point during development you did have the ability to zoom out. I'll have to figure out a better way to handle this.

    I guess at this point, I'll have to make a v1.2 Glow. I know for sure one of the things going into my postmortem is "needs build scripts". [rolleyes]

    I'm adding the save system. It has a bunch of exploits right now. [crying]

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