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As some of you may remember, I got in on the AirTran deal earlier this year-collect a bunch of cups, get a free ticket. Well, I got a free trip to San Francisco out of the deal ($10 out of pocket or so for various fees, still a great deal though). Anyway, as it happened, AirTran was upgrading their computers or database or something the morning we flew out (Hartsfield in Atlanta) and for whatever reasons the computers were down.

A couple of days after we got back I got a voucher from AirTran for $100 off of a ticket for the inconvenience. Score! The voucher expires Saturday, so I have to spend it somehow. Seeing as how i'm now 21 and we have our spring break at a weird time (to coincide with the Masters Golf Tournament) I think i'll be heading out to Las Vegas. So I figure within the year i'll have 2 coast-to-coast flights for under $100, can't beat that.

In more school news, I finished the system call implementation, it sure is a lot of work for such little gain (it just printed helloworld to the kernel log file). It's cool, but I doubt i'll use it beyond this class. Now we have to emulate the shell with fork() and exec(). It's working somewhat, but not fully.

I also discovered that my journal here is pretty much the top result when searching for perl isogram from a few entries back. How did I find this out? Someone in the same class told me [smile]. I know this guy, and I don't think he copied it, but I suppose I shall have to delay posting any solutions I may come up with until after the due date lest someone less scrupulous in the class comes across it before it's due.

In my electronics class we've been doing lots of cool stuff. At least stuff I haven't seen before such as phasors, Fourier Transforms and such. I e-mailed the professor (who also happens to be the Physics chairperson) and asked if we could do some stuff with robotics outside of class and to my surprise he said yes! He even said we could get ~$500 - $1000 to spend on parts (we already have tons of test equipment that we can use) so that's very cool. Me and a friend in the electronics class are president and vice president of this newly formed entity or club as it might be called, so i'm sure we're guaranteed flocks of women now...yeah. When our mech starts destroying buildings they'll know who to be friends with.
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