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Lil' Update

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I wanted to update my journal the past two or three days, but my girlfriend kept kidnapping me.

I've finally got VGUL building again. [totally]

After reworking the resource manager, I had to spend several hours yesterday fixing all of the new errors that popped up. I didn't realize how big VGUL had gotten, and how many things relied on the resource manager. There are sprites, particle systems, a GUI system, an OpenGL renderer, image classes, an 'engine' framework that loads in 'application' DLLs to run inside the engine (as well as a framework for writing applications that link to the VGUL library instead), and more.

So now I've got to get to work on all of these classes, features, and systems and make sure they work. I'm pretty sure I stopped on almost all of them at around 90% completion.

After starting, I can estimate a release date for version 0.2.0 of VGUL, and thereafter keep the updates a little more professional and regularly scheduled (the two aren't mutually exclusive are they? [lol]).

I do think this library will have something to offer game developers, at least hobbyist programmers like the ones that frequent this site. I'm going to great lengths now to make sure that every 'system' is robust, reports useful errors, is simple to use, and is well documented. Documentation is generated in doxygen, which I strive to make useful and explanatory, but I also plan on building sample applications and documents to help with a broader understanding of the library.

If I can get two of my friends to help me, I plan on also releasing an open-source game that exemplifies usage of the library and (hopefully) all of its subsystems. What better documentation and reason to work on the library than that?

I think this development journal has really helped me become a more productive programmer. I've also gotten a great deal of inspiration and motivation from other users' journals, such as Ravuya's, EDI's, ApochPiQ's, and Sir Sapo's, just to name a few.

Okay, that's all for now. I'm going to go play Ravuya's Glow and give him some feedback.
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