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More Project related gubbins...

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A while ago I read a vague thing about being able to use ATI's GPUs to execute code while not using OGL or D3D, it was a vague thing but it grabbed my intrest.

With my up and coming project I've looked around for information on it again and the annoucement made by the folding@Home project about a beta being out for the cards soon has given me a bit of extra stuff to look at.

After some wandering around the interwebnet I came across this pdf which goes into some details about how it will work (via a dll by the looks of things).

So, I considering including this as possible extension to the work, it really is an extension as well a 'if I have time' thing, taking a lower priority than the D3D10 version which itself will only be done one the D3D9 versions are working properly.

I do need to make some enquiries to ATI first however, to see if I can get hold of the resources todo it (the developers section on the website being a bit light on any details right now, although this may change post-Folding@Home beta) and if it is possible to combine it with using a 3D API at all (visualing the data), although that wouldn't be totally needed as I could just include it as a 'this is how fast we can make it if we do to the metal coding' kinda thing.

Needs some more thought I think but it's certainly an intresting area I feel and good extension work [smile]
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GP-GPU stuff is pretty intersting. Will be interested as to whether it translates to anything useful for your project.

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