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BrickBust - More XNA

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Rob Loach


Seeing that I had never made a breakout clone, I decided to throw one together, while still experimenting more with XNA.


Random Interest

Look Behind You!
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Brickout is the best game to make when learning. It was the first game I made when T2D (now TGB) first came out last year

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I'm gonna have to get you on my instant messenger list one day, you seem like a man in the know about anything C# game related [smile]

Did you write the CeGuiSharp stuff?

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Did you write the CeGuiSharp stuff?

No, it was a huge effort from a bunch of people. When RealmForge blew up and all the projects parted, CeGuiSharp was pretty screwed. Luckily Cygon came around and put it all together.

All I've done on CeGuiSharp was start up the Tao.OpenGl renderer and the XNA renderer. Unfortunately both don't work [sad]. If you want to check it out in its current state, get the SVN and check out Cygon's 5.0 branch.

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