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Stephen R


Okay, I was messing around with different shading options and playing around with my materials. I didn't actually have to change the shading mode. I just lowered the intensity of the diffuse color and raised the intensity of the specular. Well that about all I've done today that was in any way productive. I might get started on libStro thisevening - get the project set up, get the folder structure in place, add the directories to the default paths in VC++, that sort of stuff.

Kernel Chaos is realy beginning to loom over me as I plan it out. All the different features that I've never done before, and each one has to work perfectly. I'll just take it one step at a time and hopefully I'll get through it. First though I have to get the design doc finished and pass it by every last gamer I can force to read it.

I played SimCity for a few hours. Its quite good. I failed horribly but it was still fun. I enjoyed tearing through my little backwater wanna-be city with tornados and killer robots at the end - classic.
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