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My weekend hasn't gone very well. As you know on Friday I got a notice saying my XBox 360 wasn't going to be shipped until around 10/6. About 2 hours later, I get a shipment notification. Evidentally Dell just likes to fucking tease people -_-. So, according to DHL tracking, I should get my packages come monday (if I don't I'm going to be super pissed because I paid the extra for next-day delivery.)

Then, today, I wake up to a rock being thrown through my window by a (literal) crack-head from down the street. Payback will be swift, vengeful, and they won't even see it coming. On the plus side there won't be any reprocussion, since they won't call the cops. So, I spent all day replacing my window, and I'm going to have to do it again soon because we had to buy a used replacement for the moment (my parents don't have enough money to buy a new one right now.)

Then there is the fact that we were supposed to start back up on Malathedra today; so needless to say Raymond wasn't too happy =/.

So that this isn't all personal and non-gamedev: I tried out XNA today. As you can see by my to-do list at the top (I think I put it up there) I'm going to making a GUI for XNA. So, today I created an input component that allows mouse, keyboard, and/or gamepad input. It stores a cursor position that the left thumbstick moves or that tracks the Windows mouse cursor. It also has a Cursor Speed attribute exposed so that you can add a multiplier (works pretty good at about 5.) I need to redo some of it, but it's pretty nifty for about 30 minutes of work.

I also went out of my way to test it by DLLImport'ing mouse_event and SetCursorPos(), which allowed me to control the windows mouse cursor via the 360 controller and some callbacks. If I wanted to waste the time I think I could use keybd_event to emulate wasd and then play a game like Battlefield 2 with it; but it seems a little slow to do that (plus it crashed BF2; not quite sure why.)

Well, I'm going to go plot my vengeance; wish me luck!
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