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My deepest respect to all game artist

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I will give my deepest respect to all you game artist out there I have tried to make some sprites to my space game, damn that take a lot of patience and time. But I have made 3 off my sprites for the game the spaceship, bright star, and the bullet the spaceship should fire. Now I only need to make 5-6 enemies and a couple of bosses.[wow]

It looks like this. (note that the sprites is enlarged the original is max 30*30 pixel its for a mobile phone game)

My greatest frustrations while making the sprites is how the animation would look like (my paint program do's not give the opportunity to se the animation) therefore I was forced to make use of my sprites in the game while I was making them. It takes a lot of time to start and stop the game for every change to the sprite. Therefore I was thinking of developing a sprite player some should be able to take a spritesheet or one frame at a time and play the sprite animation, there is probably a lot of program out there that can do that but what the hell its fun to write your own.

I have also be doing some coding on my MOP game I have implemented a local HiScore so I only needs 7 headlines for that my game Is finish 8-). The headlines of what I am missing.
  • Global hiscore (hiscore there is saved on the net)

  • Options 9 or 12 pieces

  • Implement some sound

  • Make a proper exception handling (some nice messages)

  • Optimize code, images and sound (to get the jar size down)

  • And a lot of testing (when I my self has tested the app on some different
    handsets I will release a beta version and hope there is people that will help me test the game)

  • Optimize the PHP server.

  • Well that's all for now, by the way I am on holiday until Thursday so you will get some peace until then [grin]
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