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A non screenshot post.

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I rarely do this, so sit back and relax. What follows is a non-gamedev related post.

People do persist to piss me off. I went into the doctor's office on monday to get my cast off and have it replaced with a splint. After the X-Rays are taken, the doctor says that his nurse Alfredo will be in in a minute to remove my stitches.
This guy(in no particular order):

* Did not know the difference between a splint and a soft cast
* Persisted to talk to me about myspace while removing my stitches
* Removed the stitches on the right side of my arm with a ripping motion ripping them *through* my skin.

Cool, now I have a removable split. I can shower without bagging my arm. I can show people the huge scars that are still healing. I had Chicken Alfredo that night for dinner...

A good thing happened Tuesday, I hooked up my brother's computer with my hard drive until my fan(which someone I thought reliable was supposed to send out 3 weeks ago tomorrow) comes. At least I can work again(see the screenshot in my last post).

Flash forward to last night, I got somewhere up to 40 myspace bulletins and messages asking if I'm going to some guy that I don't even like's band's first show at a place called The Door. I didn't go. Suddenly I'm an asshole.

Ugh. I can't wait for tomorrow to come. Then I can go back to school and talk and have the fun associated with having a ton of people around you your own age. Even at a learning facility...
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You should have gone to the concert and picked up a few chicks. Having a broken arm can usually be played for sympathy points.

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Original post by Dragon88
You should have gone to the concert and picked up a few chicks. Having a broken arm can usually be played for sympathy points.

I might be doing that on the 14th :o

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