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I'm still alive somewhat.

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Mayan Obsidian


Hello there! It's been awhile, I know. I've been really busy with school lately and haven't had much time to program or to really even breathe. As I approach graduating with a computer engineering degree it gets hard to find fun sitting in front of a computer screen when I'm doing it all day already. Plus, I'm in a few classes right now that really demand my time. In one of them, I have to write a compiler to convert some code into our custom instruction machine language.

As you can see, I've converted to the awesome black theme. So cool!
Game Development

But enough about me, and more about what's going on game development wise. Originally, my friend and I wanted to name our development company TeamBR - something we've been calling ourselves for years but another team beat us to the name (and the domain name). We still love the BR acronym so we came up with something matching it. Of course, us being fans of GuiltyGear decided to call ourselves the Bandit Revolvers. At first, I was uncomfortable with having the name "bandit" in the name of a company, but then with any name I sort of accepted it. And I guess we'll have to work hard to try to come up with "original" ideas for our products.

So recently, I've been doing a major overhaul with the game engine. Before I had to structured so that it would've taken a huge select/case statements to support multiple game modes - such as the splash screen, main menu, actual game, options menu, etc. I have it in a gamemanager sort of class that pushes and pops new game states from the stack. It seems to work well so far, but I have to watch for state duplication such as: Main Menu -> Play Game -> Paused State -> Option Menu -> Main Menu

Lately, Lua has been giving me NOTHING but headaches (damn coroutines). But I'll try to tackle the problem that I'm having a little bit further before I post here for help. Essentially .. what I'm trying to do is the following.


Game:logMessage("[introstate.lua] Entered introstate.lua");

wo = Game:wait(3) -- Wait 3 seconds
Game:stall(wo); --Stall script execution until the event passes
Game:logMessage("Hello mother!"); -- Should be printed 3 seconds later

Game:logMessage("[introstate.lua] Left introstate.lua");

But of course, nothing turns out the way to want it to. [crying]
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