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The week of Malathedra!

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copied from: http://www.edigames.com/forum/index.php?topic=91.0

All week long Ethereal Darkness Interactive (www.edigames.com) will be unveiling new content for its upcoming game entitled Malathedra (www.malathedra.com) slated for release in 2007.

The first content update is 8 brand-new screenshots!


About Malathedra:
The player assumes the role of Rebecca Wolfe, a 26 year-old historian. Rebecca is on the search for her father who mysteriously vanished years ago while researching about the lost city known as Malathedra. On the journey Rebecca will travel across the world following her fathers footsteps into the unknown world of Malathedra.

EDI is set on making Malathedra a game that adventure gamers will come to love, just as they have with Morning's Wrath. Malathedra will be using a new proprietary engine called S3Engine, allowing EDI to completely improve upon gameplay and graphics. Expect a compelling story driven game with a spunk of comedic attitude, reminiscent of the Golden-Age of PC Adventure games.

About EDI Games:
EDI Games (www.edigames.com) is an independent developer headed by Raymond Jacobs. The company is based in Northampton, Massachusetts. Their goal is to create Fun, Intellectually Stimulating and Engaging computer games, keeping the gamer in mind 100% of the time.
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Too easy. That would bring down the cave! Instead, we must blow up the tree ABOVE the crack, which will destroy the roots that are holding the rocks together.

With the roots burned out, the fracture will become larger -- enough for skinny rebecca to get through.


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