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XBOX360 Homebrew competition

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Well, 4E5 is well and truely in the midst of things, and I've still not started my entry. Haha! Ah well, if I get something submissible may be I can get the screen capture thingy that's awarded to everyone who submits something thats meets the min criteria.

I did work a bit on my todo list Joel style software schedule thing this weekend, calling it "Enjoyable Stuff To Do" - EnjoyableSoftware.com being my registered domain and all. (Don't bother looking, doesn't go anywhere).

Anyway as part of the XBox Homebrew Competition. I have to keep a blog up to date, so at least for a little while I'll be blogging there more then here I'm sure. http://xbox360homebrew.com/blogs/paulecoyote/default.aspx

When I get the first build done of my scheduler thing I'll make it freely available to anyone who uses it. Once I've proven to myself it's useful anyway!

So my 4E5 entry is going to be an early version of my XNA Homebrew entry. I plan on architecting my entry so it can use either XNA or MDX 1.1. Though from the outset it will be XNA, and ported back to MDX 1.1. Because realistically, I'm not sure how feasible it is to get something in for 4E5 and that would be a bonus, but I really, really want to have an entry in for XBox360 homebrew. The prizes are smaller, but there is less competition [wink]
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