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My Kuro Box (literally "expert box") arrived today, so I had a quick stop off at some shops on the way home to grab a 200Gb HD to stick in it, and some misc wires and such.

The first snag is that it has a US power supply (apparently all of them do, and dispite buying it from a UK website they didn't mention this). Not a problem I hope as Maplins do a handy-dandy wall wart for only GBP15. Next I've got to actually open the thing up and install the HD, followed by the rather hairy process of installing Linux and friends onto it. Since I've got next to zero Linux experience this is going to be a fun/frustrating/error prone* process.

My overall aim is to have a subversion repository hosted and run entirely on the Kuro box, and accessable both over my local WiFi LAN and over the internet. I'll also need some kind of security/encryption for access via the internet, ssh should do the job there I think.

My second aim (which I'd live without, but it'd be nice) is to set it up as a shared network drive for sharing media over my LAN, particularly for streaming music and video for playback on the XBox or 360. I have no idea if this is even possible, but I'll be worth a try...

*delete as appropriate.

Update: HD installed now, which only took about an hour. I could have done it much faster I'm sure but I tend to treat hardware modifications like doing brain surgery. The insides are quite tidy but everything must be taken out in the right order. Fortunately their installation guide is quite good.

I'm currently working my way though an 'idiots installation guide' for a custom Linux distribution/package. Doing everything by hand over telnet is strangely fun, and I'm currently waiting for the image to ftp over to the newly prepared HD.
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