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Damn its been almost a year /cry

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Well I cant belive I wasted this time. I finnally broke the addiction called MMO's these last few weeks. Thats no joke I look back on the things I have acomplished in the game and the things I could have of accomplished in programming and game development and it makes me so mad at myself. I could have completed my first few games by now probably and be onto something I would be really intrested in. Anyway Iam pretty sure I have kicked it been almost a week and a half and I havent even desired to play WoW.

But on a better note I sat down and did some programming today and I got my first sockets program to work without a tutorial showing me exactly how to type it out. That makes me excited as network programming is what I want to do. So moving on with that and learning some gfx programming I should have my hands full. Also I got a new Ipod nano, that thing is sweet(kinda hard to get use to at first). So now I should have more moblie music to go around with me and I dont have to keep it stored on my laptop.

Well anyway time for sleep and work. Glad to be back and hope I can keep resisting any urge to play WoW(thinking about it, its really sad how it actually is addicting and I as well as many others have to fight to not play it).

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Glad to hear you've broken free of it. Hopefully GDNet can try and keep you on the wagon.

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A few years ago I lost too much of my time to MUDs, as a result I haven't even considered letting myself play a MMORPG. The way I see it, it isn't a game - it's a commitment, and one that I just don't have the time to put into.

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