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I just woke up, so some of this may not make any sense.
Gawd, I only slept for 5 hours -_-

Anyway, woke up and I still had to wait for my 360 (those bastards could've been here at 5 or 6, but NOOO, they had to wait until 11. LAZY BASTARDS!

So, I sat and played that all day. Obviously, being the moron that I am, I've already screwed up one of my discs pretty good. The thing has also frozen like 4 times already. I don't know if it's overheating or what. Other than that I LOVE IT. Downloading demos is awesome, the XBox Guide in games and such is cool. It's just plain cool.

To tell you the truth, I don't think the PS3 or Wii could actually beat it, but then I don't really consider it a competition anymore. The 360's been out for quite a while, so most everybody has one. The Wii's coming out next month or a couple hundred dollars (I believe $250USD) and then the PS3 is coming out probably 6-8 months later (I'm not sure; I haven't really been following it.)

Anyway, time for some opinions I guess.


BEAUTIFUL game. Really nicely done; great graphics, responds to input, nice features, TOO FUCKING SLOW. This game is a nice game, but I don't seem myself playing it until I get really bored of my other games (which won't happen; I never get bored of plowing through people or sniping with a pistol.)

I didn't really play that much of it though. From what I did play I gathered that it's similar, in gameplay, to Armored Core. The interface is confusing (especially when trying to assemble a HOUND.)

On the other hand, the in-mission interface is beatiful, easy to understand, and the two cameras are awesome (you get your main view and a smaller view, which can be switched back and forth between the cockpit and third-person.) Blowing stuff up is quite easy and fun.

All in all, if you've got patiences and you like mech-games, you'd probably like this game.

Battlefield 2

Awesome. I love the hotjumping feature; practically makes the game. nice variety of weapons. Nice difficulty level. I really don't have any problems with this one (other than my own retardedness; I keep accidentally hotjumping when I'm trying to reload.)

Of course, this is the disc that I fucked up. The 360 froze and I realized it was quite hot so I decided to stand it up just after I turned it back on. BAD IDEA. All of a sudden I heard the disc spinning in the tray and when I pulled it out it had a nice scratch going all the way around the disc -_-

My only complaint is I wish I was better at it. I don't like playing games online that I suck at because it handicaps the team I get stuck on. I don't have that problem on Halo 2 (but that's just because halo 2 is easy to own at), but I do at pretty much everything else (until I've had a good couple days to warm into it.) The only exception is Counter-Strike: Source; I suck at that game pretty much all the time.

You already have this game, so why are you reading my opinion of it?

Need For Speed: Most Wanted

I played this quite a while back. This game is awesome. I love just getting into a long ass pursuit. Can't wait to get the Carrera GT. This is also the first game I've been able to submit a code for (to gamefaqs.com.) I was putting in one of the codes (left, right, left, right, up, down, up, down) and I accidentally did it backwards (up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right) and got a bonus challenge (which is the Burger King Challenge, which gives you all of the Junkman parts to use in the quick-races and pvp.

Great game; buy it now.

Ninety Nine Nights Demo

This is a game similar in design to Dynasty Warriors. From what I saw of the demo, don't buy it for the storyline or voice acting; it's pretty crappy.

There are literally thousands of monsters on screen and it doesn't have that annoying "disappearing act" that the units in Dynasty Warriors had. In one battle I had a 2K hit combo within 3-5 seconds.

I'm contemplating buying this game or Enchanted Arms. This one has some nastalgic touch (Dynasty Warriors used to be me and my best-friend's favorite game before he became a loser), but hacking thousands of creatures to death by the second is more fun with 2 or 3 people.

I'm thinking I should go back to bed. But I'll probably feel like crap in the morning.

Edit: Also, mecovili finished another animation tutorial today. Check it out.
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I actually think the Wii has a fighting chance if they can get out some quality games. I have a few friends that have already sold their 360 out of boredom, and mine is actually on eBay as we speak. It wasn't a fact of not having enough games either, I own 14 games and rented ones I didn't have. Right now the problem with the 360 is that the games either suck, or they can be played on the PC.

I may pick one up again down the road if they get some good games for it, but right now I'm really only looking forward to the Wii. And as for the PS3 they have a bigger problem than the 360 does with fun games. It's all about the Wii60 generation.

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PS3: Nov. 17th, 2006. 499.99 / 599.99 USD - 400,000 at launch.
WII: Nov. 19th, 2006. 249.99 USD - 4 Million by end of 2006.

The winner I think is clear. All of parents looking to buy their kids the latest and greatest will be more than happy to shell out 250 when they realize that they can't buy a 600 dollar machine for their kids because they can't freaking find any! Nintendo's got a solid game plan here.

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You guys misunderstood me lol. I meant there was no competition because they were so spread apart, but evidentally I was wrong. I didn't think the PS3 was coming out until next year.

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