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I have until the fourteenth of this month to get my project proposal ready to hand in at college. The problem is, I have no real idea yet of what I want to do.

Its my final year (HAH!) project, so it has to be something that "reflect[s] the particular interest of the student and the aims and objectives of the course of study. The completed project must demonstrate the student's ability to plan, execute and present the findings of a suitable applied research or software development project." Or, at least thats according to the specification document.

Last time we got one of these projects to do, I ended up doing an initial (fugly) version of my current installer project.

I have two ideas, but they both sound kind of like things that would probably get rejected:

  • An instant messaging application for mobile phones

  • A podcasting suite - record, edit, encode and announce your cast

Anyone got any ideas\opinions on those?
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I think the idea with the messaging system for mobilephones sound quite interesting there would be a lots of issues to take care of for instance

If you build your application to use socket you dont support that many phones
if you instead make use of http there is a big overhead in the datastream, but you will support more phones and its here its interesting because you have to build a solution where you are packing up data before send between client and servers.

Another issue is phones screensize, heap memory and alot more.

I think you could make a great projekt out of this.

Good luck with your projekt.


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Thanks Jap. I was really leaning more towards that one than the other. I'm still not convinced that either would be accepted though.

Still, I can only try.

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