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Okay, so I found out I am extrememly addicted to caffiene. As I write, I'm suffering a withdraw-induced headache for the second time today - its been about 6 hours since I had my last dose.

About a month ago it took 3 days for the headaches to set in.

Lethargy, fatigue and headaches are the brunt of the sickness. And shit, you know what I just realized? This might be diabetes setting in (grandfather had type A, and its supposed to skip a generation).

To be honest, though, I think I'd be able to needle myself a couple of times a day. Goodness knows that I've been stuck enough in my life already, doubt I'd have much of a problem with it.

So yeah. Whatever.
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you're fucking lucky I don't live near you, or I'd fucking tear your goddamn arms out of their god-forsaken sockets you cocksucking mudblood poppet.

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