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Story Babble Part 1: The Setting-ing

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Prinz Eugn


Tonight I feel for whatever reason to babble about the story of Angels 22, in an attemptedly ordered manner. Let's get going, shall we?

Part 1:Setting


Well, the setting is the future Cold War, or rather the end of it, the Last World War, World War III. This second Cold War came about after an extremely large economic collapse sent shockwaves throughout the world resulting in consolodation of certian areas, such as the EU shrinking slightly, but becoming more like a united country in the process by effectively ditching it's poorer members, or by the isolation of others, like China and Russia becoming more isolated from the rest of the world. China and Russia(which joined with the easternmost former Soviet republics to form the New Union of Soviet Republics, or NSSR) have become allies by neccesity after China turned to Siberia's large expanses of natural resources to fuel it's economic recovery, benefitting the Russian and to the NSSR for help with weapons technology. Political Ideology also forms an important bond between the two major allies in the form of National Communist ideology, using nostalgia for the percieved golden eras where both countries were under communist role, along with promises of righteous cultural superiority.

An arms race developed between the East Asian Axis and allies and the USA-EU NATO new alliance, as both sides vied for resources throughout the world, including oil, which was becoming visibly depleted in supply. Both sides' military programs formed major portions of their recovery as they also became more nationalist and competive, beginning the slide ultimately towards a major conflict. In the meantime, there were numerous proxy wars fought.

An older Lessbread Often quoted Einstien:"I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."

The last and most significant pre-war was the conflict over the National Communist domination of Neo-Cuba, which started over increasing Neo-Soviet presence on the island to secure Venezuelan oil. As the situation developed, the Neuvo-Cubanos invaded the nearby islands in order to force continued support of the East Asian Axis, which was beginning to shift resources to internal armament. The US responded with as much support as it could give without hindering the counter-build up in Europe and Japan, or with the construction of [un revealed spoiler], even commiting expiremental units to action, like the CVX-Partisan program(Angels 20).

The end result was the invasion of Cuba by NATO, whose end, at the Battle of Havana, coincided with culmination of the buildup in Europe and Asia. As the evening fell over aftermath of the battle in the Carribean, a flash many times the brightness of the sun washed out the crimson sunset...

To Be Continued...

So, was that boring, awful, poorly spelt(sp?)?
Comment please, I want to know if anyone will ever be even partially interested in having the backround story known in Angels 22 to any great degree.

Yeah, just let me know what you think, please(skim if you have to!)


As an art-treat, enjoy a beautiful vintage lighthouse that will be featured in one of the early A22 missions:

It's completely destroyable, too (hee hee!)

Good night, more at a later time, maybe as late as Friday(I know, [sad])

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Wait wait wait. Direct invasion?! You do know the Cold War wasn't a single direct conflict right? :P

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This future Cold War didn't stay that way, obviously, as it leads to WWIII, becuase setting a game in the middle of a cold war would be... notsomuchfun[grin].

Plus, the US seriously considered invading Cuba during the crisis, and sort of tried before that(Bay of Pigs), so it's not that crazy, I think.

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Only problem is if China and Russia combine China will probably be in charge. And they probably won't be communist. Maybe socialist though. The chinese are much scarier than the Russians as far as future threats right now. And they got so darn many people. And now you got Korea. Damn the Jonger for making me work.
- Your bro

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