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Evidentally I was way too focused today; I totally missed the fact that I wasn't signed into AIM (that's how me and Raymond talk; that or IRC.)

I'm working on the map for Port MacDoogle, one of the towns in Part 2 of The Lost City of Malathedra. I got the base coat laid down today and I'll finish up the second pass tomorrow. Then I'll move onto another map and we'll polish Port MacDoogle later on. I'm going to talk to Raymond about how much info can be released about the stuff I'm working on. For all I know I could get into trouble for putting the name in here (hopefully not; that would suck.) So, after I chat with Raymond I might start showing off the splat and heightmaps and such. Not really any point in showing a screenshot since I don't use graphics lol.

I played my 360 some more today (of course.) I have to say when I first heard about the Marketplace I was like "Omfg, retarded", but now that I'm using it, I LOVE IT. Downloading game demos and movie trailers is awesome (btw, there is finally going to be a Simpsons movie.)

I haven't really played any online games. Most of my time is going into coding my code library, working on MalykAI, and working on Malathedra. However, I'm hopefully going to be getting a copy of Halo 2 soon, so I'll be playing that. That's pretty much the only game I'm confident when playing online (mostly because I'm a noob and it's a super-noob-easy game.)

Anyway, back to work for me (bedtime in a hour and I still have a ton of stuff to finish.)

On the topic of the PS3 game pricing: I find it quite funny that a lot of the people I've seen complaining about the prices of the xbox360 and PS3 games (and some of the newer PC games) are smokers (both cigarettes and drugs) and drinkers. I see this other places too, especially gas. "Omfg, $3/gallon!? WTF? OUTRAGEOUS! Oh, I need a pack of Marborlo Reds in a box." or "Man, I can't believe the cost of gas today. Puff puff pass bitch!" (<- is an actual quote said by my friend to another friend. Also, no I don't do drugs. Sadly, it's just REALLY hard to find somebody in my town that doesn't do them.) And then a lot of the drug users are smokers too. That's like $100 a week if you're lucky (About $65 a week for dope (what my brother spends on a "light" week) and a pack a day for smokes (at $5 each.))

Edit: lol, I didn't even add alcohol to the price. All of the smokers and druggies I know are drinkers too. That's another good $30 a week if you're lucky.

If you cant pay the product, then you cant buy it, so if you copy it you arent harming the producer. Very simple. And thats specially true in poor countries. I see moral to piracy a game when you REALLY cant buy. Take an example, a boy can buy 5 games a year (really rich boy), what damage is doing, if he copies all games he cant buy, given he has spent all that he can buying those 5 games. If he copies another 10 games, none harm is done, because he cant buy those games in any case. On the other hand, if he cant piracy, he possibly left hobby, because he cant obtain games enough to play, so he stop buying his 5 annual games.
Too high prices damage the industry more than benefits it. European fixed prices can be ok for some countries, like France, Germany or England, with high salaries, but those 60 euros, are almost double if comparing lower income ones, as Spain, Portugal or Greece. Dont talk about eastern contries.
So your "If you can't pay for the product, then you don't buy it. Simple as that" appeals to me as a typical one-minded american opinion, who doesnt think far than his house walls.

I love how this anonymous poster is not only condoning piracy, but he's defending it as well. I love his last minute jab at me as well; all it did was make me lol.
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If you cant pay the product, then you cant buy it, so if you copy it you arent harming the producer. Very simple.

Dear Anon,

This is somewhat true, given the clause that you could never legally acquire the game through any means. If this is the case, then no, you aren't hurting the producer because you'd never be able to pay for the game anyways.

The problem with this logic, however, is that it's extremely subjective to the pirater in question. If we were to say that your above argument were legally justifiable, then everyone could just pirate games worry-free, arguing -- to which we could never prove them wrong -- that they would never ever actually buy the game anyways. How do we know that they wouldn't some day down the line, if the pirating option wasn't open?

It's the same with any anti-theft law. If we left them open to arbitrary judgement based on how poor the person is, or how much they needed/wanted it, then just about every flavour of theft could be justifiable, in the eyes of the perpetrator.

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