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Evil Steve


Evil Steve stabs Scotrail in the face with a strand of spaghetti

So, I got the train at around 8:15 this morning, and we were told there was a signal failure. So we sat there for ages, waiting on something to happen, with the condustor telling us over and over that it was a signal failure and trains were suspended till the problem is fixed and all that crap.
People randomly got on and off, but I thought "Oh well, it can't go on much longer" and I couldn't be arsed going to find a bus.
So at 9:50, they finally decided to tell us that the trains were all cancelled and "Passengers should make alternative travel arrangements".
So, I stood outside haymarket for 5 mins, wondering if there was any chance there'd be space on any citylink busses, then one drove straight past. So I gave up and walked along princes street to the east end, and got on a bus at the bus station.

So, I finally got into work at 11:50, 2 and a half hours late. Good one, Scotrail.

I just looked in the paper, and apparently there were bus services going for us. That's news to me, and probably most other people. Although I suppose they'd probably be going on later.

On the plus side, I discovered exactly how long the bus takes, how much it costs, and how frequent it is. (An hour and a half, GBP5 return, and every 15 mins). So it's a third of the price of the train, and just as frequent. But it takes almost twice as long to get there.
When I end up paying my own travel expenses, I think I'll be getting the bus. Not because I want to, but because I'm bed up with Scotrail shitting everyone about. How many times do they have to have signal failures till they think "LOL, HAY GUYZ, HOWS ABOUT SOME SORT OF BACKUP PLANS? LOLOL"? Apparently a few more times...

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I've gotten trains out of waverley a few times, and I must say I just generally don't like trains - much prefer busses.

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