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I always forget sound

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Its fatal..

I always forget sound.

Now, I already have one of these

but to be honest I can't play a keyboard to save my life - but I can come up with little sequences.. so I needed a decent sequencer, so I got

Now, why get a second keyboard? Well, mainly because I code on a laptop downstairs and the Karma is a bit too big to put up in the living room but the MicroKontrol is small enough to be on my lap and it works so well with Reason.

On the coding side I have been adding environmental stuff - starting with a column of lightning that has to be dodged. At first I am implementing it with normal lines but I think I am going to have to go to thick line rendering to get the kind of effect I want.

I also fixed the bullet collision so that the enemy actors can now be killed. Here's an updated video
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