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So, today I decided to take a look at extending OGLWFW to deal with multi-monitors.

It turns out that, while my inital plans looked sound the arch doesn't overly suit this addition in a sane way, at least not one which doesn't involve re-writing large portions of the code base to accomidate how things need to work.


So, I'm toying with the idea of generating OGLWFW 2.0, which will allow me to totally refactor the base code (although chances are most of the constructs will stay) and properly intergrate a few things which were kinda 'hackish' when I did them (window events, OS Speicifc startup/create/shutdown stuff) as well ofcourse properly intergrate the multiple montor stuff so it's not a crazy hacked add on.

The interface might well get a bit of a clean up as well.
Chances are I'll end up doing most of the work tomorrow and maybe over the weekend, depending on what the pub throws at me [wink], although I've kinda resolved to cut down the amount I've been drinking of late if only so that my liver will stop shouting at me [smile]

So, thats the shape of things to come I think.

I'm also toying with some ideas for a new website design, seperate from my main Phantom Web site and more related to software projects, the former being more of a personal site than anything else where as the latter would serve as a kinda base for my released code and other witterings I could put together.

Unfortunately I'm not really a web designer as such and my art skills suckage, I'll have to see about borrowing a tablet type thing, I'm pretty sure my dad has one I can steal borrow at some point.

So, yeah... that'll do.

Oh, and the ATI Researcher Reg accpetance was all well and good, shame the login currently doesn't work *chuckles* I've emailed them to query it so I'm waiting on that now [smile]
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