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The Bag of Holding: Year One

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I've been at this journalling business for just about a year now, my first post coming on October 8, 2005. I was going to do this on the "proper" one-year anniversary, but that's going to fall on a Sunday, and I plan on being thoroughly asleep all day that day.

Although it seems painfully like ego-whoring, I wanted to do a sort of retrospective of the past year, and gather up some of my personal favorite entries. Since a couple of people actually seem to read this drivel, I thought I'd try and solicit some "customer feedback" as well, and get an idea of what kinds of stuff you guys like to see and want more of in the future.

I try not to judge the "success" of an entry based on the comments alone; sometimes the most heavily-commented posts are on things that I feel like I sucked at trying to express, and I know personally I often don't comment on other people's entries even when I really like them, usually because I don't feel like I have anything significant to say. So here's your chance: I'm going to sell my soul for your love and approval, however fleeting.

I'm also considering editing and polishing up some of the entries, especially some of the ones where I've had the immense benefit of hindsight to reveal how stupid I sound half the time (and how stupid I am the other half).

Software Engineering, Management, and Such
Programming Languages and Abstraction
Why 9-to-5 Jobs Suck
Death Marches, Vision, and Mutant Space Potatoes
Time Management and Multiple Personalities
Cue Angelic Beam of Light/My Lisp Weenie Transformation
The Right Place for Objects
I am Not a Freakin' Magician
Know Thy Place: The Secret of Google (and more on employee satisfaction)
Time Mismanagement
Tools: the Unsung, Underpaid Heroes of Everything
Musings on the Future, Part I
Musings on the Future, Part II
Domain Specific Languages: Yea or Nay?
It's the People, Stupid

Blurry Camera-Phone Stuff
The First Post, and The Aftermath of Game Development
The Taming of Celes the Beast
The X Shrine, a tribute to the Best Games Ever

Grandpa Jim
Inventing Destiny
Introspection in a Tidy Aluminum Can
Why My Kids Will Be Home-Schooled
I Found Enlightenment, But I Can't Remember It

The Dreaded Other
Bill Amend is the Smartest Man in the Universe
Searching, Learning, and Why the Internet is Broken
The Internet is Stealing Your Brains
Apoch for President
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