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I killed my kuro box last night. :'( I'd even managed to get a distro installed - complete with new users, a subversion repository and ssh. However remote access to the repository wasn't working, so I told it to reboot - it hasn't booted since.

I have no idea what's killed it, and worse there is no way to connect to it now to fix things. I think I'm going to have to pull the whole thing apart, put the HD in my desktop, wipe the HD and put the whole thing back together again. Then I get to start over from scratch again. Worryingly I have no idea what actually killed it, so I could just do the same operations again and end up in the same situation.

All this for a svn repository. I'm thinking about just buying some hosting, but I've already spent quite a bit of cash on this thing so I won't let myself give up just yet.
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That's odd -- Linux certainly shouldn't have shot itself like that. Maybe the machine is stuck on some mangled configuration file during boot, or can't get a connection, or something. It might be in single-user mode if you hard-rebooted it, trying to fix the filesystem. I certainly hope you rebooted it properly instead of pulling the cord [grin]!

Hard to judge without having a console up during the boot process.

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As far as I know it was a clean reboot like I've done lots of times before (just a 'reboot' command). Annoyingly although the 'link' light appears theres no way to connect to it and get any kind of debug output.

According to the debug LED lookup table, the error is "Hard drive not found, or ppc_uartd is not running", which might suggest that the HD has died, but that was brand new only a few days ago so I don't think thats the problem.

At the moment I'm just hoping that taking the HD out and wiping it on my desktop pc will let me use the damn thing again...

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If that doesn't work, your hard drive may have suffered some damage (which would explain why it's stuck on booting up -- perhaps it's in fsck).

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