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On to level 2

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Can YOU save BlockyWorld from the round menace? Find out, in this demo of Level 1.

I also kept the level editor in there(well, to be more accurate, I was too lazy to take it out), so you can edit the level if you want. Just be ready to re-unzip the game if you screw anything up.[grin] As always, please inform me if there is anything wrong with the demo, or just leave any comments in general.

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Grats on finally getting demo out, i haven't finished the level yet, some parts are a bit tricky...and it's only level one :/.
One thing that feels wierd to me is that you can kill the circle men when you jump up, instead of just killing them when you're juming "down". Apart from that it's a fun game to play, good job!

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Thanks for playing!

I've also seen that problem about jumping on the enemies. I can apply a simple fix to it and see how it works out.

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