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Windows Live Space

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Not exactly directly related to my game making project, MAU Invasion, but I've been hearing a bit about Windows Live Space lately, and thought I would check it out. It's sort of like My Space, for those who know of that web service. Basically, lets you create your own free web page, and add sections to it, such as lists of things you think people should check out (your favourite books or computer games, for example), and slideshow photo galleries (I've got pictures of my game modding experiments, games I'm making, and things relating to my miniatures game map products I sell, and because I was feeling rather corny at the time, some star wars characters with my face on them), add-ons such as a calender, or GMT clock, and a Blog. It displays a number of Blog entries on the page, and archives the rest for people to browse through. You can categorise things as well. I've even got it showing the weather report for where I live. I found it handy and customisable enough to make it my new homepage, so I can see the day, time and weather just by opening a web page now, as well as be entertained by my own slideshow picture galleries.

For those who don't have online blogs/galleries/etc on another website, have a browse of Windows Live Space, as it has some good features, and a nice customisable layout.

As for my mecha strategy game, "MAU Invasion", I've been tinkering a little with it, but haven't gone back into 'hard working' mode yet. Real Life is still intruding on my game developing time. It would have been nice to have a demo out at the end of August, but I think it probably won't be out until next year now.

Anyhow, for anyone interested in my Live Space site, it's at http://tsmpaul.spaces.live.com
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