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I'm Awake

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This morning I finally got my sprite editor kind-of-working, although the texture font I generated is terribly ugly, so... no screenshots for you!

Why did it take me so long to get it working?

I thought my Visual Studio project file was corrupt. All of the folders were re-arranged and my organization was eradicated. It seemed that Visual Studio had noticed a messed-up project file and freaked out, and in an attempt to recover things, organized all my files they same way they are organized on disk. I tried restoring an older project file, but that didn't fix anything. I mucked around in the menus and project settings for a while, looking for something that may have caused it, but that didn't fix anything either. Then I cried. I avoided 'fixing' it for a day or two. When I came back to it, I started looking around the solution explorer and noticed a little toggle button whose context help read 'Show All Files'. I un-toggled it (?), and what do you know, my project was back to normal. Hooray for being dumb.

Back to texture fonts: I don't know whether to love or hate texture fonts. They're so damn ugly, but they're so much more flexible than bitmap fonts.

Bah, I'm tired. I need to go to bed. I hope what I wrote makes sense. [dead]

I'm supposed to go jogging with my friend early tomorrow morning, at around 5:30am. I really shouldn't have said 'yes' when he asked me to go. I really don't like running. Whoever invented running was a jerk.
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