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As I posted in your thread, I could probably do with a couple of nice LCDs too. Similar to your specs really, I'm used to 1280x1024 x2, but I really fancy being able to 1600x1200.

Also like you, I don't really like widescreen. I don't know why, maybe I just feel that PC games should be played on a TV-like device rather than a cinema screen-like device.

Oh well. Enough rambling from me.

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I was over at VALVe Software (creators of Half Life) and each and every one of them has one of those fancy Dell 30" or 32" displays... Those are frickin amazing! Only trouble is you need to make sure you support dual-dvi through your video card (essentially I was told it's like having two DVI connections but through one cable, and only most of the higher-end GPUs support them). I told them that I demand at least 5 of these for the ultimate gaming experience! :P

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Everyone has 30" screens [wow]

I'd imagine those Valve guys aren't exactly short of cash right now, so I suppose they may as well use it!


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