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I just got finished with the basics of my Graphics component. It wraps every method of IDirect3DDevice9 (wraps as in forwards the call to my device.) I also setup hardware enumeration and a nice little vector filling system so that I can fill a vector with adapters and/or available modes. The enumeration process uses user-validators (in the form of function pointers; you can choose exactly which adapters and modes pass and which don't.) The vector-fillers take validators too, so if you only want to select 16:9 formats (for filling a settings dialog with or something) then you can supply a validator (I have validators already done for just such and occasion in ScreenRatioValidators: SixteenNineOnly, SixteenTenOnly, and FourThreeOnly.)

I've still got a ton of stuff to add, but it's pretty nice right now.

On the TLCoM front we got the base of a ton of maps done today. Raymond also got a lot of modeling done. So, things are moving along on that.

During the next break I'm definitely going to have to do an overhaul on Quill though; it's got some major pain-in-the-arse bugs that keep popping up [sad].

Anyway, methinks it's bedtime now (I have to be up in 6 hours.)
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