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Stuff to do

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In case you missed it.

So, so far, the main problems with the demo seem to be:

- No checkpoints
- Can't see where to land when using Jet Pack
- Slow character movement.

Luckily, all of these things can be fixed, and I'll get right on it. I'm also moving on to Level 2.
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The only complaint that I have is that I dont see anything amazingly different from your last platform game. Try and add some more inventive things, that would definatly put me more in the mood to play the game. Also:

- When im getting hit by an enemy and I jump, it kills them
- When my head hits a block above me, it locks up my movement, its very hard to move in the underwater area
- When I fall underwater the paralax scrolling acts weird, it seems like the mountains should move up, not down so that I can only see the top of the trees

Keep up the good work!

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So far it's pretty good. I'm assuming there isn't an end to Level 1 yet as I bumped into the right hand border.

I agree with all those identified problems. The jet pack is sometimes more annoying than useful; as well as the problem of not being able to see where you are landing sometimes it's impossible to make small jumps over spike pits with the jet pack if the ceiling is too low. Maybe you could make the jet pack jump height depend on how long you press the jump button?

Just wanting to ask: are you planning on putting sound or music in this game?

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Well, while Stompy's Revenge was more of a shooting type of game, I consider this more of a jump and run type. My main goal is really to have each level bring a very different experience. For instance, in Level 2, you'll fight enemies that when killed, break into several smaller enemies.

The other problems, I believe, can be fixed. For instance, I got a really good suggestion for the jetpack, which is to use a seperate button to do a jetpack jump. I agree also that the parallax scrolling is pretty screwed up when Blocky Man is running in water.

But ofcourse, besides gameplay problems, I just have to concentrate on making a fun game. By the end, I should have music and sound effects in the game, along with new sprite work.

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Cool. If you need some help with the music, I could whip something up for you in ModPlug Tracker. Can't guarantee it'll be brilliant (I'm really out of practice with composition) but I'd be happy to give it a go.

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Original post by Stompy9999
Thanks! It would be nice to have some music featured in the game.

Great! I'll give it a go. Any recommendations on what style you think goes best with BlockMan, or music tracks you think fit it best? Otherwise I'll just stick with generic platformer music from the ones I most fondly remember. And use square wave synths for the melody, of course [grin].

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Whatever you want to do is fine. Personally, I really like the music from Sonic games, but I really have no preference as to what it will be. I just appreciate that you're doing it.

Thanks again.

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