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Okay... I don't really know how to explain this.

I love C++. The language. Its just that... VC has left something wanting. VC6 is absolute shit. Its non-standard and unusable. VC7 is equally so - there are some issues with how it compiles templates, which I frankly can't forgive. Lastly, VC8. I like VC8. Its just those goddamn side-by-side binaries. Seriously, wtf. And the fact that I somehow managed to 'break' them all, such that anything compiled with VC8 won't run on my system. And, no, reinstalling them didn't fix the problem.

To re-iterate: I love C++. I just don't like the tools. And I'm not going to bother around tinkering with ungodly others (GCC, MinGW, whatever; the IDEs which support them can't hold a candle to VS). Likewise, I'm not going to hack apart VS to make it work with a different toolchain. I did that (to some degree) when I messed around with GBA development, and it was a royal pain in the ass. Not only that, but I never got full debugging capabilities out of it. And I honestly can't live without VS's debugger.

So I've been messing around in C# for the past couple days. Well, not messing around, really, I've been helping Pouya with LOL. And LOL I'm adding in the final GUI controls for that part of the engine.

And, LOL, I've never written a combo box before so this might be interesting. Better map out the metrics for it first.

Just wanted to let you all know that, yes, I'm still coding. And, yes, despite me bitching for years about how C# sucks and blah, I turned to the dark side. And, yes, am kind of enjoying it.

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SHIT! That's what I forgot to bring from home last weekend - the Windows reinstall CD. DAMMIT ARGH.

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Project->Properties->Configuration->C/C++->Code Generation->Runtime Library

Change it from:

Multi-threaded [Debug] DLL


Multi-threaded [Debug]

And most of your problems will probably be fixed. I've pretty much given up on ever using the DLL runtimes again, the side-by-side stuff just causes to much pain for what it provides.

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