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Have We Got a Team?

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Howdy doody everyone...

On the heels of our huge coding team change (read previous entry), I've finally been able to designate a Lead Artist. Up to this point, I had been playing this role (fairly poorly, I might add). Francisco Silva, who had been on an extended vacation, returned, and has decided to take up the shabby reins that have attempted to provide much-needed direction to the wonderful artists we have on the team. Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I hope that, with Francisco, we can create a great asset production pipeline and clarify every individual's place in that pipeline.

This is a much needed change, as my understanding of asset pipelining is pretty limited (I've read books, but I have no real-world experience). Francisco will bring in some real-world experience, combining it with other members' experience in order to (God willing) create a really kick-butt art team. The potential and talent is certainly there; it'll be my job, and Francisco's job, to coax the beautiful art out of these great artists.

So as the coders continue to hammer out all of the code for the base framework, they're also helping the modelers with the plethora of technical questions relating to the capabilities and limitation of the OGRE rendering engine. ...and there are plenty. Over the course of the next three to four weeks, the coders should be able to assemble that base framework, and we may even have some ultra, ultra-preliminary visuals from this. It may not look like much, but the amount of effort that would be reflected in that little executable is enormous.

I've attached a "for release" version of a labyrinth concept that has pretty much completed development. It'll be the first labyrinth of the game, and while it won't feature at all in our first demo, we do plan on implementing this beast for the "second demo," a.k.a. The Last Adventure of Nahelam. For y'all out there, this is more just a piece of eye candy than anything else. I hope you enjoy.

See the website: http://www.fountaindale.net

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