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Doom plus turkey equals fun

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Since I finished my MD2 stuff I've been trying to rebuild Doom.Net. Looking back on the code now I can see a lot of things that are just wrong. I'm working on the graphics code now and trying to move everything into one big vertex buffer so I can get rid of those damned slow DrawUserPrimitives calls. I also have to come up with my own polygon splitter code, glBSP is nice but it's too slow to generate the data for a game.

I'm hoping to get by the "glorified level viewer" stage quickly and actually get working on gameplay this time. Also the project is now named id.Net since I plan on supporting Heretic and Hexen as well( plus I don't want a namespace called Doom.Net.Doom ).

Here's my magnificent new polygon splitter, tearing its way through a sector:

Here's my video card fucking with me:

Here's a few shots of Heretic to show I'm not just making this shit up:

And finally the id.Net launcher program. It's just a clone of Doom95 with some added controls. The left side is blank since that's where the multiplayer controls go and I just need single player for now.
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Huzzah! The id.Net launcher is looking functionally delicious! Does this mean Doom.Net is reentering active development, or was this just a fun little diversion from the throes of having 10 projects? [sad]

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It's back in active development.

Really wish I could figure out this triangulation crap.

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