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Duck Tiles and Bulldozer will be this week. It's just one of those "pull the damn trigger, ya puss" things now. I know there's another bug in there somewhere, but I can't find it. I have auto-update functionality in there, so it's not that big a deal if that stealth bug isn't found.

I'll likely re-test under Windows 98 just to make sure that the new Flash 9 player didn't break anything there. Flash 9 supposedly supports Win 98 (but has officially dropped Win 95, no tears there), but I wanna make sure.

I just did my first official edit to the gamedev front-page to post my FlashForward 2006 coverage. It's no biggie, but it did underscore how we need to automate things a bit. I think it took longer for me to post the article to gamedev than it took to write it!
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Hey at least you didn't have to spend 4 hours with that blasted HGP column article I just posted, which underscored our need for a formal submission format! Ugh :P So glad I have lotsa work ahead of me, haha.

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