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jeez.. I have some luck

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Iam getting into the middle of working on my GameState Manager and I get called out of the room to do something and come back and my laptop had been pulled off the table and the connector to my battery pack had been broken.. Currently dont have the cash to go buy a new battery pack so I was so pissed that now Iam not going to be able to work on my stuff cept on paper until I get a few more weeks of work in to get some extra cash.

Then I remembered that I had stored all my source code on my wifes computer because my laptop has been acting up.. (the pcima and cdrom died... as well my ethernet port died and a wireless adapter got messed up...)So now I just need to put my compiler on my wifes computer. This is the first time I ever backed up any data of mine and it has really made me think of its importance...

So moral is always backup on a regular basis.. especially when you have a 2 year old son who wont leave your computers alone for anything..
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You know, these days people frown on physical punishment, but when I was a kid all it took were a couple spankings and I figured out "lol don't do that". I guess he's only 2 though. Well, at least it was backed up.

As a sidenote, I always found robust do-anything state management systems kind of pointless. To each their own I guess though :D


Actually, for an FF-ish RPG, I can see the use. Since you've got a bunch of nested states, well, the 'map' and 'battle' states, I guess. Bllah.

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Ya spankin ussally works most of the time but not with my computers he wants to be on a computer as much as I do...

And about the gamestate manager.. whatever works and is easy I guess until something better comes along.. got any suggestions? what do you do instead?

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