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Better late than never

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Mike Bossy


As I'm rapidly approaching the end of my current project I've started noticing a number of small fit and finish bugs that I want to fix. Up until now I'm pretty much ignored such things because there was always something bigger going on but now that I'm in the home stretch I want to clean them up. Releasing with big bugs make you look like you're in beta mode, releasing with small bugs makes people think you don't know how to totally complete a project.

The number of bugs isn't huge, ~10-15, but it's enough to be able to forget some so I finally created a bug tracking spreadsheet. I really should have been using one all along but it really is better late than never. I momentarily thought about finding a DB based solution but I really don't need that much overkill right now that I'm a one man test/dev team. In the future if I expand to a bigger project or bigger team then I'll check out those options.

The finish line is getting so close I can taste it. I only have 8 more levels to balance and then the bug fixes to go!!
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Glad to hear that you are almost there! :D Keep on truckin' through and post here the second you finish ;)

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