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Ok... yesterday I just had no time to write a journal entry. I had some major bad time with the c# NTP code I found on the net. I wondered why the time entries set into the transmission time field was sooo much different from the entries I found when receiving the response from the time server. After much debugging, reading the RFC and counter checking some given dates (from the RFC), I figured out that the code was buggy (intentional or not, I don't know): Some multiplication factors were of by factor 10, others by factor 100. So I had to check all places where time conversions and operations were done. Quite a PITA.

After I sorted that out, I had to set up a demonstration enviroment for one of our clients who wants to see the updater in combination with ftp. Since we do not want to interfere with the running processes on their existing server, I figured out that I could user a PDA and a laptop and create an ad-hoc connection between those two. Windows file access worked like a charme but I could access my ftp server through that connection. After 2 hours of search, I wanted to go home and shut down everything. Before getting out I had a chat with a colleague who told me to use an access point if necessary. Since I have to leave at 10 o'clock today, I wanted to do the setup yesterday. So I went back to my office, booted the devices and thought by myself : Just a last test to be sure... And you know what ! It worked. I just had to reboot the laptop... lost 2 h on that...

Those who read my journal on a regular basis know that I spent the last week end at the belgian coast. My wife and my children stayed there and I returned on monday evening since I had to work. Every evening and every morning I call them and I have a little chat with my wife and my 3 year old daughter. And yesterday evening was so heart breaking. My daughter was crying on the phone and told me : "I want my daddy. I miss you so much. I love you, daddy." Although she often tells me that she loves me, it was one of the most beautiful moments in my life. This will stay graved in my heart forever.

After I have finished my work today, I'll jump into the train to get back to my family. I miss them so much.
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