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I start a thread titled "Trees", in another unrelated thread we get this by ViLiO;
Silly image of possible poll

Do I now win the internet?

(disturbingly this was probably the best thing to happen related to me today, but as this isn't livejournal but a technical journal I'll spare you from my life [wink])
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lol, when I first saw that poll, I though it read "with less LessBread" and I was like "LOL!!!" but that isn't how it is. He sometimes scares me with how much he knows about the world's happenings.

<3 LessBread.

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I don't know, the "one sentence + huge excerpt of random article + link" thing gets really annoying.

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I like LessBread because later on there's usually some interesting debate, and he has a lot to say.

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I aspire to one day understanding the world to the same degree LessBread does.

I think a weekly/monthly "Question-time with LessBread" thread would suffice. Someone poses an obscure problem and LessBread can explain it in intricate detail to us [grin]


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