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God dammit.

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I was wondering why Glow for OS X was 17MB -- turns out I forgot to turn off debug symbol generation, which inflated the binary to 40MB in size.

With debug symbol generation off, the binary is now 1.6MB.

So obviously Glow v1.2 is going to be a lot easier on my bandwidth for Mac OS X users to download. [rolleyes] It'll probably be a lot faster, since I also noticed I forgot to enable optimizations.

I also posted it to the IOTD today.

Other than that, I'm still working on my assignments. Expect something new tomorrow afternoon -- probably from the new Propane Injector libraries but also possibly from my Lisp interpreter project.

Edit: Hot Propane Injector news. Uhfgood pointed out that he wants MOD/XM support, so I figured out how to add it from SDL_mixer and so it'll be in the next big release, along with a hopeful pile of functions to read information from the XM/MOD files.
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Sweet. When you're done, you'd better write up a post-mortem article.

What are your plans for your next game, if you have any?

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I'll write up a post-mortem for sure, maybe with some documents from the early game development.

My next game, I dunno. I don't really want to do another top-down game but we'll see what I can come up with tonight.

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Yeah. Post-mortem is mandatory. Also, I was wondering why the MacOSX package was so much bigger...now it all makes a bit more sense.

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