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Skirmish Online - Now and The Future

Hey folks. It's been a while (again!). University has been keeping me plenty busy with assignments, reading, studying, and lately midterms as well. But I've been putting in a solid effort to keep Skirmish progressing. Lately it's been in the form of design/brainstorming, but that certainly counts. [smile]

The Shop System(tm) and the areas surrounding items and item management have been a big topic of as of late, both on the design paper and in discussion between me and Draffurd. I won't throw the whole spiel at you, but here's some keypoints and a nice mockup:

  • There will be a Shop. It will be accessable only if the player is in Spectator Mode (to be later discussed/implemented) or after a player has died (prior to respawning).
  • Player inventories will be consistant and persistant. If you buy that rifle on Tuesday on Bob's Server, it'll still be there on Friday on Dave's Server.
  • There will be no 'maintenance costs' associated with equipment. What this means is that you won't need to constantly purchase more ammunition for your guns, or replenish your supply of grenades. Every time you respawn, your ammunition for all guns/explosives/tools will all be set back to their maximum.
  • Each item is essentially a container. A rifle with 200 ammo is like a grenade with 4 ammo, internally, at least. The grenade is the base item with an ammunition count, not 4 grenade objects in the inventory. This is less flexible, but makes the system considerably more simplistic to implement AND use.
  • Semi-persistant items will exist in the gameworld that can be 'picked up' to replenish item supplies. Semi-persistant meaning the items will be removed upon the end of a game or if the server closes. Examples of such items may be: 'generic ammunition' dropped upon a player dieing that refills all guns by a certain percentage, a Medic dropping a medkit which refills your existing supply (yes, you must own the base medkit item first), or a dead player dropping a resupply of grenades. It might be fun to allow said grenades react to local explosives as well. [grin]

And of course, the (ugly) mockup:

(Picture it with proper spacing/alignments, gradiented/outlined windows, and nicer visual effects!)

However, implementing said system is still rather far down the line. I'm currently waiting for my recently-subscribed Bell Sympatico service to be activated in my res so I can get Skirmish hosted again, and resume development.

The order of operations is:

  • Unpack the old Delphi-based Skirmish source-code. I've decided that it'll take me far less time to revamp that source than to keep on my rewrite in C++.
  • Rewrite network code into a flexible class-based library WITH support for reliable UDP messages. This process will take a while, and a lot of testing. But the result will be bugless network code, more network efficiency, hopefully lower pings, and better movement prediction.
  • Player speed and physics is going to get a rework, too. We need more speed in these guys, and less ice-skating. :P
  • Projectile physics revamp. Grenades still get stuck in walls, bullets don't always seem to hit the map/objects quite right, and the throwing arcs for grenades just aren't perfect. This'll need some work, too.
  • Game modes! This will involve implementing the actual round-based game system, and the addition of the Capture-The-Flag mode.
  • Player classes. Some classes will be missing their prominent items for a while (engineer, medic, raider, etc) that need special coding. Also, no shop, so players will be handed a static set of equipment (temporarily) for each class.
  • The Shop. Woot.
  • More fixes/bug-catching/minor-additions along the way. Of course.

That's a very on-the-spot roadmap, but I hope to refine it and have it published on the (soon-to-return) Skirmish forum in the very near future.

University - Calculus Midterm

Owned it. ^_^
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Hurry up will yea, I've been waiting to play Skirmish forever. I keep seeing screens of people shooting eachother, but no game [sad].

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Original post by Scet
Hurry up will yea, I've been waiting to play Skirmish forever. I keep seeing screens of people shooting eachother, but no game [sad].

And I keep on telling people that all they need to do to get in on a testing session is by adding me to their MSN. :P

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Too bad I only log into MSN like once a month. Maybe in a few weeks when I actually have some time to play.

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AGH, MY EYES! Too bad you're not writing it in C++ and DirectX, I could let you use my new GUI. I guess that's one more reason why I need to learn OpenGL and SDL. The layout is really nice though.

@MSN: [sad] I don't use MSN. Actually, the only reason I have AIM and XChat 2 is so I can talk to EDI [lol].

Btw, congrats on the calculus midterm!

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Why don't you guys be uber-1337 and get Xfire, like this cool guy right here?
Or I guess I'll have to finally get MSN( I want SO so bad)

Oh, and I have a lame 'ol High School Calculus test to study for... argh.

Good to hear you're still alive and working hard, HopeDagger!

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