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Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang .. blam...uh bang bang

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A weird turn of events happened this week. For thanksgiving my parents came up to Ottawa for dinner. Only this time around I cooked the turkey, and good I might add. I can cook anything as long as I have instructions.

Yesterday really threw my mind off, my 19 year old cousin died in a car crash earily in the morning. My mother came in all teary-eyed, but I guess I didn't feel the same way since I usually live 5 hours away. I had only seen her a few times, so I'm a little relictant to go to her funeral. I want too, but I don't feel good about it. Poor girl.

In other news, I'm working more on that RTS but most of my time is being deticated to my assignments. My only problem is coming up with a good method to handle all the map data. The articles here are very resourceful, a little old but they will do. My problem is handling tiles that span multiple cells, how I would add them to my array of link lists and how I would be able to destory those tiles that span many cells in an efficient way if need be.
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