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It's a menu!

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Prinz Eugn


Sapo and I decided it's high time we get working on a menu, especially since I'm running out of vital in-game stuff to work on.

Without further ado, because I'm tired, here it is:

I'd really like some feedback on how it looks so far, especially if you guys have any particular thing you'd think would be cool on the bottom below the current stuff.

Also, do you guys think "Missions" is a good description of a quick-mission/challenge mode as opposed to "Campaign", which for the story-mode?
I'm wondering because a more descriptive title would be too long, like "Instant Action", which I would have to reduce font size to fit in.

And I realized I forgot to put "Records" on there, I guess credits will be a different kind of button, maybe even the fun easter-egg kind...

Please comment if you think anything is not-so-awesome, I firmly believe in fixing it now before we get to far in implementation/art.

Well, goodnight for now!

-Mark the Artist
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Recommended Comments

Generally speaking, I quite like that screen! I'd be happy using it as is.

Minor nitpicking points:

1. I'm not sure about some of those colours; a few of them seem a bit too dark to go against a black background. I'd make the green a bit lighter (although it's not so bad really) and make the blue text and symbols lighter too.

2. No serious military would ever use the term "ready-ish" [grin].

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At the bottom you could write a description of each country. Just make sure you keep it simple and it'll be allright. [smile]D.S

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Thanks for the feedback, guys!

@Trapperguy: Yeah, I'm not sure I can make the green much brighter without looking washed out, although now that I think about it, it doesn't matter that much. Similar for the blue, although it needs it more(see? I need this stuff pointed out[smile]).

@RobLoachman: Thanks, and yes, it is, but not very excitingly. The buttons will be animated, but Sir Sapo and I have other priorities that come before menu fancification(like level design, dialog and writing). There will be more interactive stuff on the other screens, like the weapon select screen.

@MedevilEnemigo: Thanks! I'm hoping this style will provide a combination of drawing simplicity, readability, and immersion, since it looks like the sort of OS's you get on military hardware, like a real HUD.

@visage-dude: Uh, that's my fault for switching between MSpaint and Photoshop and changing things late at night. The buttons will be their own texture in the final version, so no probablo.

@Señor Samsonite: Yeah, but you better back up Finland if you guys have something against addressing people as 'Comrade', or even a faint dislike for the colors "Sickle and Hammer Yellow" or "Giant Star of People's Victory Red".
I'm not sure even a brief description would fit, Europe has a metric assload of countries in it, as I learned when I memorized them all[grin]

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Heh, yep. I was supposed to learn them all (as well as all their capitals, the major rivers, and major mountain ranges) last year for Advanced Placement European History... long story short, I didn't.

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Yeah we gave'em some bags during WW2 until they betrayed us and changed sides to ze germans.

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