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Blind Guardian \m/

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I got the new Blind Guardian album - A Twist in the Myth . It's fucking awesome.

I put up some new shots for Gorgon showing the framework screens and a couple of new things regarding logos I threw in there.

Obligatory screenshots:

The first is the mode selection screen and the second is a the device capability list for the currently selected video card. Fun.

The next shot shows the new logo functionality I put into the framework for the library. Basically it's a method you can overload (RunLogo()) and you can display your own logo. In the other screenshot I've put in a badge to show the Gorgon logo. This of course can be turned on and off at will. All the images and related resources (including pixel shaders) are embedded into the DLL so there's no worries about not having the files present.

In my startup logo picture it uses a (very badly done) blur pixel shader that I whipped up, that is of course if your card supports PS 2.0. If the card its running on doesn't support shaders or has shaders less than 2.0, then it'll fall back to just fading in/out. The blur effect blurs in and out in realtime as expected. The image shows the logo in mid-transition.

Fun. I wish I had learned about shaders long ago, I could have designed things much more differently than what I have currently. But given I've put so much effort into what I have I don't think I'm in any mood to go and refactor the design.

However, I have to say, anything less than PS 2.0 is utterly useless. The limits on instructions are just rediculous. Even 2.0 is annoying in that regard, but a tiny bit better. 3.0 seems to work quite well.

And that. Is that.
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