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ASCII art - my new project idea

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I'm now sitting at work and have just started pondering the idea of a new project to run in parrellel to my level editor and game.

I'm thinking vaguely about writing a wrapper for the Win32 console functions that would allow someone with limited C++ experience to write sort of Rogue-like games or other ASCII-art based stuff fairly easily.

I don't know if something like this exists but it would be an interesting project. I was wondering about something modelled on the C++ streams so you could do stuff like:

conout << cls << goto(10,20) << paper(green) << "##";

Be interested to know if anyone thinks this would be worthwhile (in as much as any hobby project is worthwhile of course [smile]) and if it would be of any actual use to beginners. Or am I reinventing a thoroughly invented wheel?

Someone round here said recently though - recreation is often recreational. Wish I could remember who that was. I liked that.

[EDIT] Mark you, I'd be going some if I could get "goto" to work like that in the example above. Doh!
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