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C# is the most beautiful of dreams and the worst o

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I'd really like to use C# for VGUL instead of C++. Developing in C# using Visual Studio 2005 is a rather enjoyable experience. With the better auto-completion features, simpler syntax, and in-language support for high-level tools and paradigms, I feel like I can code at least twice as fast in C#, and that the code I develop is less error-prone than the C++ counterpart. The built-in documentation viewing is also great, especially since I've put so much effort into documenting every function, class, and variable in the library.

Having VGUL developed in C# would also make it stand out a little better. Right now it's definitely a very small voice in a very large crowd, considering the thousands of other C++ game development libraries that are available.

Unfortunately, I feel that speed and compatibility are of the utmost importance to VGUL's success, and C# simply does not satisfy those requirements sufficiently. If somebody wants to make a game for the Wii, or some other strange platform, I don't want my library to be completely useless, especially since I would like to do some console development myself. I also don't want people to have to worry about my library being too slow for their game, or even worse, find out that it's too slow after having invested the time in incorporating it.

The library is also probably too large for a total C# conversion anyway. I'd have to rewrite a huge amount of code, even if I left the low-level math stuff like 3d/2d vectors in C++.

Maybe, if I have the time, I'll write a C# wrapper for the library, because I certainly don't want to alienate the growing mass of C# programmers.

Oh well. [crying]
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