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Some night screenshots...

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Eh...I've got some screenshots of night...these scenes feature functional brake lights (on vehicles), projected headlights, axial billboards for the street lights, and projected textures for the headlights/streetlights as well as luminance textures on the vehicles/buildings.

Also it's worth noting that these scenes only use PS1.1 and VS1.1 If you want to see the shaders, I posted them in my last entry.

I was happy with the way night looked before, but now for some reason I just think something looks off...I dunno, maybe there is just too much going on. Eh...it all looks good on paper, and the screenshots aren't BAD, I don't know, maybe I'm just feeling apathetic.

Over time I'm sure I'll be satisfied as I get the chance to tweak things more and more. At this stage, this night rendering code is only 3-4 days old, so it's still pretty fresh, and there is a lot that can be tweaked.

Also I got the first track from my new composer...and wow...I'm loving it, it's really fantastic. Sort of a gloomy, ambient, thinking music...with a touch of Godfather, and a pinch of classical...all I know is that it's exactly what I was looking for. I'll maybe post a video or something with the track playing in the background.

I did rewrite the Main menu visualization (mostly because of the new song), now it spins around this randomly generate piece of city, with gangsters fighting in it, traffic driving around etc. The fog of war and black background was added to fit the music, you gotta see it in motion, screens won't do it justice obviously.

Eh...that's about it. I've been in the red zone for a few days now, so I'm afraid I'm going to have to cut this entry short and get some sleep. I've got a test session with my publisher tomorrow...there is an elusive crash bug in the new traffic AI, and it only seems to pop-up when I'm not debugging the game...ugh...I'll take care of that tomorrow I suppose, I just hope we can get some play time in before the servers go belly-up.

Anyways, g'night folks.

- Dan
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Looking good - you've inspired me to look more meaningfully at my own little projects :)

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Looks good - i think i see 4 things that might make it look a little off - but its probably not worth trying to fix those as it already looks good ;)

1. All the cities i've been in tend to be bright, even further from a streetlight - theres reflections etc from other lights / windows etc adding to the ambient light further down the street.

2. No moon, or clouds: the moon would add a silvery glow, and clouds would add a huge amount of orange ambient light (with reflections off the clouds).

3. Your buildings are all lit up, but they dont add any light to the scene - ie, some of your shopfronts look open, but no light spills onto the pavement.

4. Usually when you have traffic lights, they're on/near streetlights - some of your intersections are pitch black :p

Overall, just needs some more ambient light - not in alleys and stuff, just on the streets, so somehow, not global ambient.

Like the way you're implementing so many lights - going to have to try to work out how i could use that in my game.


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Looks nice, and thanks for the interesting tech info. Maybe you can consider to color the sky above the city to simulate light pollution. I think it will look more realistic.

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You progress with each new post never ceases to amaze!
Excellent work!

How much farther do you have to go before it's ready for release?

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One thing that's visually odd is that lights near the buildings seem to light all the way to the top. Basically you have a spotlight (that's the way the light looks given the prop) that is lighting like an infinitely tall cylindrical light. Anyway I understand why its happening, you're just projecting a texture with the lighting info baked in, but it looks a little odd to me. Perhaps you could attenuate the light based on how far from the ground plane the pixel is?
It does look pretty good though, don't get me wrong :)

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Thanks for the comments.

FReY - Good to hear man. Good luck with your projects.

Wyzfen - Thanks for the detailed feedback, I do share some of your concerns...Adding lighting from the building fronts seems to be out of the question, adding a moon/stars is planned...I could do some cool tricks with the clouds..mmmm. Good idea to do lighting from the traffic lights...Errrr I guess you didn't suggest that but it popped into my mind as I was reading your post :-D Thanks again for the feedback.

roel - Yea..I'll be doing more work on the skydome, right now it's just a simple gradient.

Dorvo - Thanks a lot. Let's say "major testing starting early next year". :-)

blue_knight - You hit the nail on the head...I describe this technique in my previous post, writing the height of the light source into the alpha channel of the light texture, and then doing a compare in the pixel shader based on the height of the pixel...I've gotta do this using PS1.1 so it might get tricky, but overall I've got the whole thing laid out.

Thanks again for the feedback guys, since I work alone I do value the feedback of the GameDev community :-D

- Dan

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