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Random Musings

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Wednesday, Oct 11

So I just finished spending 4 hours (not consecutively) slaving over the latest article to appear on the front page. Still sticking to the Mon/Thurs update sched and proud of it. Kudos to John, who posted his first article on Monday. So why'd it take me 4 hours? Well, it actually took me longer if you count the extra hour or so I spent a few days ago trying to figure out how to get the math equations out of Word as an image file. They just weren't displaying properly. Finally I realized they were Open Office figures. So then I had to download Open Office, which displayed them properly but still wouldn't export them as images, and of course I couldn't copy them straight into HTML. So today I screen capped every equation and cropped em out of the OO.org document. All 22 of em. Then there's the esoteric article upload process that John was complaining about (and rightly so). No wonder Dave was having so much trouble! Luckily we're working on a back-end that will greatly simplify the article submission and editing process, but we still need to upgrade the software that manages the posting of articles and such. But anyways it's up there so enjoy it. Or else. [evil]

*power goes out*

Dammit!!!! WTF??? *sigh*

an hour later...

*grumbles* Where was I? Oh yes. So last Thursday while driving home late at night on Route 18 I happened across a deer. Yes, yea I know you're supposed to hit them, but my instinct is to not hit anything and so I swerved. It was raining lightly so the road was slick and I spun around, went off the road backwards, tore through a sign and hit a guardrail, which spun me sideways into some saplings and brush on my side. It didn't happen fast, I was sliding for a good few seconds so I knew I was going to hit something. So I was out of the passenger door in a few seconds, cursing fate and all that but happy that I only had a barely-noticable throb on the top-left side of my head where I guess I bumped the window. Today the insurance company assessed the car and declared it totalled, which didn't surprise me. I ripped my rear bumper clean off, the backseat was jarred loose and the hatchback was slightly off-kilter. My rear-left tire was bent 45-degrees under the car and I couldn't open my passenger door all the way so I deduced that the frame was bent. Still, it's quite salvageable as far as parts are concerned - heck the airbags didn't even go off - so I'm prob gonna buy it back and part it out then junk it and save some of the stuff for my new Tibby.

Shows at Great Adventure are going very well. This past Sunday we were missing two of our main guys (we knew in advance they'd be gone that day) so I had to edit the soundtrack and shorten/delete some parts to bring it from a 16min show down to a 9min show cause there was only three of us instead of five. I got to do the fire staff, which made me happy cause that let me do the hardest stunt in the show - a 23' face-off high-fall with the fire staff where you breathe fire at the audience as you fall. I had to practice that about 20 times during the day to get it right. The second show I almost burned my cheek - but at least I never dropped the staff! I'll be bringing my camcorder in this weekend to record the show and post it on MySpace - stay tuned!!

Still no word on that contracting job, which kinda bums me out. I'll prob poke the guy this Fri if I don't hear anything. He says he's still waiting to hear back from the publisher on the initial design. That was almost two weeks ago, and a week after he said the publisher was supposed to get back to him. Shucks.

Uhmmmm... okay I guess that's it for now. Just wanted to post stuff so that this journal doesn't grow massive cobwebs again.

Oh yea, anyone have any good techniques for reading journals here at GDnet? I wanna read everyone's journal so bad but never have the time! Lemme know what you guys do.
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Recommended Comments

Hey, don't beat yourself about executive producing. For the first time in who-knows-how-long, every single featured article is recent. And my "recent", I mean less than a month old.

My Zinc review is basically done. It rambles a bit, but so do I. Two more reviews and my queue is clear.

As for the journals, I use bloglines.com and the bloglines notifier. Only problem with that is that you have to add the journals you like most. You can't just add "one feed to rule them all".

Which brings me to BLOG AGGREGATORS!

While our current main-journal-page is servicable, we really ought to change the system into an RSS aggregator, like fullasagoog. That'll give us the following:

1. A better way to get "at a glance" summaries of entries. Our current system only shows the date of the latest entry and number of hits.
2. The ability to add blogs not hosted on gamedev, like DavidRM's.
3. The ability to add a gamedev-uber-journal-feed to your favorite RSS reader.

While our current system works, it was designed before blog aggregators became the trendy way of doing things. If our journal page suddenly started to ape the layout and functionality of a good aggregator like fullasagoog, that'd be nice for us.

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I have an RSS feed of all the journals in Bloglines, but you should only subscribe to my journal. I'll tell you about all the others. Really.

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