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Holy Web Host Batman!

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Rob Loach


So, I switched web hosts and moved everything over to the new host (TIGC, Slylabs, and Rob Loach .Net). The sad thing is that robloach.net kinda broke in the process. I think I'll just until wait the next version of Drupal comes out to fix it...

Speaking of Drupal, Krisc and I started up OpenXNA to take advantage of all the new space and bandwidth I have. Its goal is to bring together a community of XNA developers by providing a place to put open-source XNA projects, libraries, tutorials and resources. Krisc started up a his new version of Dx5D, which would be pretty neat to see, and I uploaded PongXNA and BrickBust (including on http://svn.openxna.net).

What OpenXNA needs is more contributers, a good theme, a bit more organization, and it'll be good. So, if you want to put some XNA stuff up on there, feel free to register!

Random Interest

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"Eat my shorts!"
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I have to admit I've nothing to add, but I am interested in what you guys are doing. Will try to keep in touch [smile]


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I'm def going to keep track of that new website Rob. Right now I'm probably over-committed with what I'm trying to do right now - but I will look to contribute in the future.
I want to see if I can get sommit in to that Xbox Homebrew competition first [smile]

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