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pwned std::ifstream...not really

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Well, I rewrote the level code so that I could reload entity data without having to reload the entire level. This is significant because now I can have level data that is carried on even after the player dies, like you know, checkpoints. This weekend I'll improve the code so that I can specify some entities that shouldn't be reloaded after death (such as 1-ups).

I have quite alot of work on the game to do this weekend, and I probably won't be able to get to Level 2 until next week. I actually have completed the Level 2 background graphic, but none of the tilesets yet. The gameplay still needs some fixing. I also plan to code an audio portion to my game engine during the weekend, using SDL_mixer.

Tis' be lots o' fun[grin]
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I still haven't forgotten about the music for Blocky Man. It's coming along slowly but surely; I'm using music composition as a break from when I get stuck in programming. Hopefully I'll have something for Level 1 done by the end of the weekend.

SDL_Mixer supports Impulse Tracker (IT) format, doesn't it?

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I'm not sure if it does support that format, I'll have to check on that.

Please don't feel rushed to complete anything, I can add the music element of the game whenever. I'm not rushing myself on this project, so how can I expect someone else to[lol]

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