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Wow computers

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I got MGE onto the GameDev.net IOTD recently, which was fun. Being on the front page generated a LOT of hits (> 1000 according to statcounter.com), and I've noticed people from places like Midway and Ubisoft checking it out, so i think the site is fulfilling its purpose ^_^.

I even got an e-mail from a gamedev house in Mumbai inviting me to submit my resume (http://www.trine.co.in/). They apparently have a nice relocation package ("infact the best one out there!"), and a game based on the Mahabarata could be pretty damn cool. However, I think moving to India at this stage would probably be a bit too adventurous for me :P.

Anyhow, I played with Fraps and Windows Movie Maker last night to make this little clip of my engine (14mb): http://www.thomascowell.net/MGE1.wmv. Notice that I couldn't resist using those cheezy transition effects :D.

I want to make a full demo reel of all my stuff now. Watching a demo reel is so much nicer than reading a website ;). I just need to find a good music track to go with it...

Anyway, I need to stop procrastinating and do some maths homework. *sigh* I just don't click with abstract algebra >_<.


Tomothy - Sydney Airport, AUSTRALIA: Fair 35'C/95'F O_____________________________O | Humidity: 14%

:( I think I'm going to jump in the ocean this afternoon. This summer is going to be a stinker (it's not even summer yet)! >______________< Also, my computer seems to going into overdrive with its fans...I should install Motherboard Monitor -_-.

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